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Friday, May 02, 2008



As most of you are aware, the infamous "DC Madam", Deborah Jeane Palfrey, was found dead yesterday. The apparent suicide, by hanging, occurred in a shed near her mother's home in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The conspiracy theories have already started as to whether it was actually a suicide or murder. Lets face it, whenever a person has the names and phone numbers of high profile "movers & shakers" in a compromising "little black book" and then dies suddenly, questions will always be asked. My only observation is that death by hanging is not one of the more common methods that a woman chooses to take her own life.


Something strange is occurring on the west coast of the USA. As reported here, there has been a massive swarm of earthquakes along the Oregon coast. Also, California has been experiencing similar activity. Now the Reno, Nevada area has had 1,000 temblors over the past 2 weeks. Whether this is all inter-related is unknown. But it is odd.


A Kinokawa, Japan, city government employee has been demoted after his work computer caught a virus. You'd of thought the pallet of baby lotion in his cubicle would have been a dead give-away.


An old commonly used comedy line is:
"I wake up in the morning. Check the obituaries, and if my name isn't there. I get ready to go out for the day."

Imagine the shock of having a funeral home calling you instead.

The news that just can't be made up:
On this day in 1926, U.S. Marines landed in Nicaragua to put down a revolt and to protect U.S. interests. They did not depart until 1933.

And I thought we had been in Iraq a long time.

Its Friday, TGIF! I wish each of you a great weekend and many pleasant memories. I'll be back later today with more. I hope you can come back by. If not, I'll look forward to your visit on Monday.

Enjoy yourselves.




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