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Thursday, May 01, 2008


The last I heard, there are 300, or so, different activist groups of Native Hawai'ians vying for control of their people's hearts, souls and minds. The one central theme to their activities and goals is to wrest the State of Hawai'i from the United States. Reforming it as an independent nation called the Kingdom of Hawai'i. I've watch the programming displayed on the various cable-access channels. The more strident groups want everyone, who is not a "native" to leave and return all lands to their people.

The original Kingdom only existed for barely 100 years. Formed by an alliance between the British and the first ruler of the entire island chain. The British supplied what we would call today "military advisors" to assist King Kamehameha-I in consolidating his rule, in the late 1790's. Prior to that, the various islands had their own autonomous rulers.

The British came, the whalers came, the missionaries followed. As plantations were built, other peoples from Asia and Europe followed to provide the necessary labor. The Hawai'ian people suffered from diseases for which their isolated habitat had not developed immunities. This decimated their population. One King led to another as the plantations grew and the non-native population expanded. In the mid 1890's the owners of the plantations rebeled against the autocratic rule of the monarchy and established the Republic of Hawai'i. A short while later the USA annexed the Republic as a Territory of the US and, in 1959, the Territory became the 50th State.

I have read so much of the revisionist history that you begin to wonder what actually happened.

The facts are simple, the Queen faced a rebellion and while having the troops necessary to quelch the effort, she instead abdicated her throne and the rest is history.

This interesting article attempts to set straight some of the outright lies that the activists have long promoted as justification for their rebellion against the USA.

Of course, as the old saying goes:
"Don't confuse us with facts. We've already made up our mind."

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