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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Lindsay Lohan isn't exactly jumping for joy that a mug shot from one of her DUI arrests last year is now being used in a new ad campaign by the American Beverage Institute. The full page black&white ad appeared in yesterday's USA TODAY. Was it an ad to promote sensible drinking and being responsible? Of course not. The ABI instead is campaigning against a law that would require breathe analyzer/ignition interlocks to be installed on the vehicles of persons convicted of DUI.

As might be expected, the beverage industry is adamantly opposed to this legislation, even if it will save lifes. Believe it or not, Lindsay is whole-heartedly for it.

Good girl!

Maui County, and I presume the entire state of Hawai'i, has a strange way of processing DUIs. Once a person is booked and posts the $1,000 cash bail they are released from custody. No matter how freaking drunk they still are. I can't count the number of times that I have picked someone up from the police station and the first place they wanted to go was back to their car so they could drive home. I wouldn't allow that.

I don't know how its handled where you live but in California you are required to stay in custody for a minimum of 4 hours and then can be released if the jail personnel determine that you are no longer under the influence. Also, your vehicle is impounded at the time of arrest. This was done for liability reasons. If the car is stolen/vandalized while parked, the department could be held liable. I like California's procedure.

In a one-two punch to the banking industry, the Fed wants banks to loosen up their lending criteria and to reform their act on credit card procedures.

The ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) shut down all ports from Seattle to San Diego on May Day. Alledgedly to protest the war in Iraq but also to flex some muscle for their upcoming contract negotiations.

In a clear display of his priorities. Dubya has requested $70 billion for the war and $770 million for food aid.

Frustrating is probably the best way to describe what our troops have to go through in Iraq. The old adage: "Any order that can be misunderstood, will be misunderstood.", holds true.

Barring unexpected problems, the space shuttle Discovery will launch to the ISS at the end of this month. On board will be a Japanese contribution to the ISS. A lab module named Kibo (Hope). About the size of 4 buses, it has been in production and then awaiting its turn for installation almost 20 years.

The final Hubble servicing mission should occur sometime this Fall.

Also at the end of May, the Phoenix lander space craft should touchdown near the north pole of Mars. It will be looking for evidence (past or present) of microbial life on the planet.

Everybody enjoy the weekend. I'll try and get back here later today. If not then I'll have more for you tomorrow. Thanks for hangin' with me for a while. I enjoy the company.




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