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Wednesday, May 07, 2008



He overwhelming won NC and the verdict is still out in the "Hoosier State", with Clinton holding a slim lead. Neither one has the number of delegates necessary to win the nomination hands-down but Barack's showing yesterday is probably going to influence many of the super-delegates that he has the momentum to go for the gold in November. Hillary hasn't stopped running, yet, but did say she would fully support whomever is the Democratic nominee. Maybe Rev. Wright wasn't speaking for America, as a whole, but it looks like he had the ear of black America. Which begs the question:
Will this become an election about issues or about race?
And a secondary question:
Should Obama lose in November, will we have race riots again?
I don't know but I haven't heard anyone else mention any of these thoughts. Your opinion?

For his part, McCain is already campaigning for the office and stated yesterday that he would only nominate conservatives for judicial positions. The neo-con side of the Republican Party consider McCain to be a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and he needs their money and votes this year. Badly.

In a case of "Animal House" gone bad, a multi-agency joint task force, in "Operation Sudden Fall", arrested 96 people in San Diego yesterday for drug trafficing. 75 of them students at California State University - San Diego. One of the arrestee's was a Criminal Justice major and asked the cops if they thought this would hurt his chances of getting into law enforcement. If only for the intelligence factor alone, I think we could do without him carrying a badge.

In Burma/Myanmar, the International Red Cross is calling for $6,000,000 in donations to aid the victims of Cyclone Nargis. The military dictatorship of the country is hampering efforts of relief workers by demanding that all have the appropriate visas to enter the country. The problem is that the persons who process the visas are overwhelmed. One is sick and the other refuses to work alone.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has voted, at their annual meeting in Madrid, to provide $500 million to mitigate the food crisis in the poorer nations of Asia. I don't know how much has been allocated for soyu (soy sauce).

Faced with a $96 million shortfall in their budget, the City of Vallejo, California voted yesterday to file for bankruptcy. Vallejo (VAH-LAY-HO) is located at the far northeast end of the San Francisco Bay. It now becomes the largest city in California to go "Mother Hubbard" in its coffers. The Mayor and city council said they can no longer afford their obligations, mostly public-safety contracts, due to the massive downturn in the economy.

After a 5-hour standoff in the posh London community of Chelsea, in which he exchanged gunfire with the police, a man was finally shot and killed by a police armed response team. Wondering why the police couldn't have just invited him to sit down for a cup of tea, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) plans an investigation. Has anyone else noted how gun crimes are becoming more frequent in the UK. No where close to what we have in the US but there is a discernible up-tick in the statistics.

As you all know, just a short while back the Fed lowered their interest rate to 2%. Now there are hints that they may have to start raising it again, possibly drastically, to off-set what is perceived as run-away inflation on the horizon.

I wish they would make up their minds. Constant revisions to the "prime" destabilizes business.

He hits his mark, says his lines, just like Spencer Tracy. I wouldn't classify him as a "great" actor but I agree he is good looking. George Clooney turned 47 yesterday.

I'll be back later with more. Thanks much for stopping in. Have a great day.




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