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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I haven't been following the problems in Detroit too closely. But I know the people, and the City Council, there want their criminally indicted mayor out. Yesterday the Council voted a resolution requesting the Governor of Michigan to remove Kwame Kilpatrick from office. And he promptly vetoed it.

This is a sad story out of Florida where everybody loses. I understand the teacher's POV and the parent's also.

Monitoring traffic on radical Islamic websites around the world, the FBI believes that al Qaeda will release a new video shortly that urges Jihadists to use WMDs against the west. You can call me a cynic, but sometimes these alleged announcements seem to come at times when certain factions within our political system can make the greatest use of them. Almost seems to be orchestrated.

I am going to have to side with the art community over this story out of New South Wales. Nudity is not pornography. If the Prime Minister doesn't get that, maybe he should take a gander at the beautiful painting September Morn. The model in which is obviously of tender age.

Reuters has put together an interesting, and neutral, FACTBOX on McCain's and Obama's approach to foreign policy and diplomacy. And another one about the two candidates' ideas about the economy.

This Saturday's meeting of the DNC in Washington DC to resolve the issue of the uncounted delegates from Florida and Michigan could get really nasty.

A new poll in California seems to indicate that the majority of the residents are comfortable with gay marriage.


When I go through security at the airport, can my digital camera and laptop go through the x-ray machine or do they need to bypass it? I am thinking the latter. But I know many of you travel and your experienced input would be appreciated.

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