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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


In the center of Peking Peiping Beijing, China. With all the hoopla about the Olympic Summer Games, I thought that you might enjoy seeing where the seat of power once was in China. You might remember it from the Academy Award winning film, The Last Emperor.

For a long time on the sidebar has been a link to Nicky's Congo Blog. Well, Nicola Reiss is no longer in the DR Congo. In fact, she is on some much deserved R&R in Australia. She has been traveling that country, visiting family and friends from Geelong to Cape Tribulation. Check out her most recent post (link works now) and maybe you can suggest a new name for her blog. She isn't dropping anchor anywhere just yet. Plans to do some traveling. If you read back through her archives, you'll understand why. She's been to places most of us wouldn't venture into without having Delta Force as an escort.

Today's primaries in North Carolina and Indiana are drawing a record turnout of voters, according to early reports. This has been the best campaign fight I've ever witnessed. They are in the 13th round of a 15 round fight and still slugging it out, toe-to-toe. This year's Democratic National Convention is going to be the most interesting one of my life. There is nothing like good old-fashioned down-n-dirty American politics.

Oh, in case you missed the hint in the prior post, Sunday is Mother's Day.

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