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Thursday, May 29, 2008



Amnesty International has released their annual report and the good pl' USA is a featured player. Again.

We all know that with global warming the seas are going
to rise. But what about the lakes? They are going to be headed the opposite direction, it seems. And if the lakes go bye-bye, so does your drinking water.

5 nations (Russia, Canada, United States, Denmark, Norway) border the Artic Ocean. An area believe to have great mineral wealth and possibly vast untapped oil reserves. With global warming opening up the region to new exploration possibilities. For the last couple of years, all 5 have been vying with each other over who owns what there. Finally, they have decided to work in cooperation and establish controls to protect the region from rampant exploitation and enviornmental disasters. This area should begin producing about the time the middle-east oil dries up. Who would have ever thought that Denmark could become an OPEC member?

Montana and South Dakota hold their primaries next Tuesday. The final, thank gawd, two primaries of this election. Most people couldn't even find them on a map and, yet, for the first time ever, their votes could actually finalize Obama's quest for the Democratic nomination. Oh, South Dakota is the one with the mountain with all those Presidents faces on it and Montana is its neighbor to the west.

I offer this one with absolutely no comment.

Everybody have a great day. Thanks for coming by. I'll be back later with more.




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