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Monday, April 21, 2008



Today's effort was the term "Congenital Liar". Guess whose name appears the most? LOL!

In Pre-Columbian Meso-America lived a society known as the Maya. They predated the Aztecs and Incas. Around 830ce, their society ceased to exist. The reason for this is still a matter of conjecture among scholars of that era. I have one thought about it. The Mayans developed one of the most accurate calendars, ever. The Mayan Calendar, cycle 9, (also called "the Long Count") came to an end that year. The people and shamans believed that the world would end on what we would now identify as March 12, 830ce. The new cycle, #10, would begin on March 13th. I guess the soothsayers were correct. Their world did end at that time. Well, the end of cycle #12 will be December 20, 2012ce, and, listening to all the whacko pseudo-scientists on late night radio, you get the impression these nut cases believe that it will be the next "end-of-the-world" event. Right up there with Y2K, the fall of the Roman Empire, Revelations, etc. How do these "authorities" on the subject predict the world will be extinguished? A mysterious "Planet X" might slip out of hyper-dimensional space and strike the Earth? A global pandemic? A replay of "Independence Day"? God gets bored and pulls the plug on the universe? Or even more insulting, it turns out that this existence is nothing more than an Atari video game of the supreme beings and they finally got themselves a Wii. Relegating us to the back shelf of some cosmic closet.

Me? I don't plan to lose any sleep over it. Lo que será, será.

Being a rational anarchist, I don't really care who becomes President. All the candidates are fair game. I wish we could reincarnate/clone Harry S. Truman.

As far as global warming goes. March was the second warmest ever. Except in the USA where it was just asi, asi.

You've gone "whole hog". Laid out the bucks, the very BIG bucks for the best in home theater. The latest top end HD wide screen. A surround sound system that surpasses the best a movie theater has to offer. Paying through the nose for your HD channels. Its complete. You are ready for the experience of your life. Almost pushing the limit to a Star Trek Hologram feeling. Sit back, relax, power up and DAMN! The picture is worse than what you had before. Did you make a mistake in wiring? Is the equipment defective? Or is this just another example of GIGO (garbage in/garbage out)? Most likely the later. Seems that companies like ComCast, which already has major issues about internet connections, just don't have the necessary band-width capabilities in their system. Thus they are relegated to compressing the signal. Thats actually not uncommon. The industry standard is to compress two HD channels into the space once allocated to one analog channel. However, some of the companies are doing a 3:1 compression. And their greed isn't paying off. Maybe those DirectTV ads aren't so far off target.

Lets do the math.
X = Total land available for growing crops.
Y = Amount of X used for bio-fuel production.
Z = Whats left to feed everybody.



As anticipated, its still "rockin' & rollin'" in Illinois.

And not to be outdone. The DC metro area threw a "twister party" which was attended by two special guests.

This is why I hate valet parking.

Alissa and family departed yesterday. They should be home by now. This was not the best of times for us connecting. The scheduling gods conspired against us this year. But I already miss them so much. Aloha!

Enjoy your new week. Hopefully you can all make it back tomorrow. I'll be here. Hope you will be too.




Over The Limit?
Please don't drink and drive

"Let's all be careful out there!"