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Tuesday, April 22, 2008



The top picture is the one I published on the 19th. When I actually had a moment to look at the large view I noticed that the "Big Dipper", Polaris (the North Star) and a portion of the "Little Dipper" could be seen. I've indicated them below.

Lets face it. We have all the "gee-whiz" Buck Rogers technology in the world at our finger tips and a major problem knowing what to do with it. While not in the "chain-of-command", the Secretary of Defense is the Administration's overseer of the military. I liked what I heard and read. Better than Don Rumsfeld.

As we race down the back stretch, on the road to summer, we can look back and see that this winter's flu season was rougher than usual. In baseball, a player who gets a hit every third time at bat would be a multi-million dollar player. But when it comes to medicine, those are pretty poor statistics. This past winter, the flu vaccine that was administered was only effective against 1/3 of the strains going around. I guess thats better than a couple of years back when all the flu vaccines produced were contaminated. While no one was inocculated that year, that was also the year of the fewest deaths from the flu.

We really have some hardcore, mean bastards for judges on Mau'i. NOT!

In case you've forgotten, today is EARTH DAY. No, I don't think the bars serve green beer. But I've been wrong before.

I haven't even kept up with the news this past evening. So, I'll probably be back later in the day with more. If not, I'll definitely be back tomorrow, as always.

I really appreciate each and every one of you for stopping in during your day.

Catch ya later!




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