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Sunday, April 27, 2008



The ISS has been crewed by a staff that has varied between 2 & 3 persons. The recent and planned expansions will soon raise the crew compliment to 6. One of the things the crew must do is exercise to prevent or greatly reduce the loss of muscle mass and bone strength. Conditions that would debilitate them on return to terra firma.

As we all know, just plain exercise is pretty boring. That is why we developed sport activities to make the effort fun. The staff aboard the ISS have done the same and plan more when the crew size increases.

They toss a baseball, play frisbee, toss waterbags like medicine balls. One has even run the Boston Marathon on a treadmill, while in orbit. has an interesting story about all this. What sports could you conceive of for a zero-g enviornment?

Oh, the ultimate sport - SEX. Well, while internet rumors abound, no one has actually admitted to playing the "two-backed beast" while on a mission. And considering their vitals are monitored 24/7 and there is live video 24/7, well, things could get a bit racy. And lets face it. If there was a space sex video, don't you think it would be all over the web by now?

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