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Thursday, April 24, 2008



Today, on the other side of the IDL, is ANZAC Day. Celebrated every April 25th to honor those lost during a failed invasion attempt of Turkey during WWI. The equivalent of Memorial Day and Veterans Day in the US and Remembrance Day in the UK. One of the traditions is the playing of "The Last Post", the British Empire's, and later Commonwealth's, parallel to "Taps". Click on the various links and learn more. Today, ANZAC Day honors all of the Australian and New Zealand military members who have served their country, especially those who have paid the ultimate price.

Think evolution is a crack-pot idea of elitist science? Then you might find this National Geographic study a bit hard to swallow.

China has employed 30,000 people and spent more than $100,000,000 to guarantee that rain will not impede the Olympic Games being held there this Summer. Thats pretty ambitious. Especially considering that they are using technology and concepts from the 60's and 70's. The American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the Weather Modification Association (WMA), at a recent meeting, stated there is little hope that China's efforts to keep rain from falling on the Olympics will succeed. Weather modification is (very) slowly moving from science fiction to workable projects.

The "Mosquito" has arrived on American shores. Its been used overseas for a couple of years. An audio device that emits a high pitched sound only audible to animals and persons younger than 18-21. According to reports, it becomes extremely irritating to humans about the time they reach puberty. Seems that businesses plagued with teen loitering have installed it to clear their store fronts. It is inaudible to anyone over the teen/young adult bracket. Which shows how early we start losing our hearing. Even though irritating, a ring-tone version is one of the most popular downloads among teenagers. They can receive and send messages/calls without teachers or parents even being aware that the phone has announced.

Since every State in America has a minimum age limit of 21 for the consumption and/or purchase of alcoholic beverages it seems this might be a great way to keep underage drinkers from illegally entering their premises. Placing it inside the bar would lower the risk of fines and loss of license for serving or allowing minors on premise. Legal patrons wouldn't notice a thing.

On the local scene, the Hawaii Superferry is going to add a second round trip from Honolulu to Mau'i starting next month. With the loss of Aloha Airlines, it seems the protesters have vanished. Strange how that works.

Are we alone? According to the renowned astrophysicist, Stephen Hawkings, the answer is "probably not". Speaking at a 50th anniversary ceremony for NASA, he stated that life probably teems in the universe, with the qualifier that intelligent life may be extremely rare. While not trying to elevate myself to his level of thinking, I concur. He also promoted the urgency of manned exploration/colonization of the Moon, Mars and even the need for interstellar forays. The only way mankind will perpetuate itself is by leaving home.

I'll try to be back later today. Maybe I'll see you then. If not, just drop by tomorrow, I'll be here. I always appreciate your company.




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