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Wednesday, April 23, 2008



She is cute. She is talented. Hopefully she will make the transition from child star to adult performer without too much difficulty. But, at 15 years old, I don't think Miley Cyrus has really been around long enough to write a memoir of her "life". That seems a bit pretentuous to me.

I see that Clinton and Obama are now each licking their wounds from the Pennsylvania primary fight. Taking shots at McCain while barely acknowledging that the other exists. This battle for the Democratic nomination gets more interesting every day. Its been over a century since the primary process, for either party, has gone this far without a clearcut winner. Get comfortable, this one is going to go the full 15 rounds. Right down to the judges decision. Neither candidate will win by a knockout, thats for sure.

Homeland Security has done it again. The "Virtual Reality" fence pilot project has been scraped, to the tune of $20,000,000 flushed. Another example of Dubya's top-down management style. Secretary Chertoff, who approved it just last week, now says that they'll be looking for input from the Border Patrol.

Ben Franklin once stated that the best way to make a decision was to write down all the positives and all the negatives. Letting that visual evidence be the decision maker. Looking at Dubya's record, his "positives" would fill a slip of paper the size of a Chinese fortune cookie missive. His negatives would fill a warehouse of documentation.

Its the 21st Century, damnit. So why aren't men and women paid equally for equal work? And, if the pending legislation makes it to his desk, Dubya has already announced that he will get his crayons back from Cheney and sign the veto.

I actually slept "normal" people's hours last night. Hence the reason for today's tardiness.

I'll be back later with more. I need a cup'o'coffee.

Have a great day and thanks for your patience. See ya later.




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