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Friday, April 11, 2008



You are not technically savvy but you need a new TV set. So off you go to your local bigbox retailer and low & behold, those new sets on display are way cheaper than you were expecting. You can get a huge screen set for a fraction of what you thought they cost. The only problem, that you are unaware of, is that they won't work for "over-the-air" reception as of February 17, 2009. Naturally the salesperson kinda forgot to mention this fact. Or if you did have enough knowledge to ask a question about the pending date of digital conversion, they probably countered with a question of their own. "Are you on cable? This set will work with no problem."

Well, thats a "no-no" by Federal law and many of the bigbox retailers are going to have to shell out some major bucks to cover the fines.

Now, lets see if I have this correct. You want to question some terrorists and they won't talk. So instead of asking the Justice Department if it is okay to use "enhanced interrogation" techniques, we tell the Justice Department to concoct an opinion that such procedures are legal and do NOT constitute torture. That way your ass is legally covered. That is a unique way of thinking. Maybe that could be used as a legal defense by others. I always thought the law applied equally to everyone. And since when did a legal opinion replace enacted laws? Of course, Dubya has signed so many pieces of legislation into law with his Presidential "exceptions" attached that he thinks he is the only one who makes the law. As for those others, I think this could be used as grounds for arrest on a criminal conspiracy. Thats my (not so) legal opinion.

Well, we did it. Maui is officially the first metro area in the US to have $4 a gallon gas. That is enough to make a man cry. And not with pride. Don't worry, the rest of you aren't far behind. The summer gasoline price rise is coming to your area soon. Check local listings.

Frontier Airlines has filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection. Apparently their credit card processing company wants to hold back more funds. Thats like taking your paycheck to the bank and having them tell you that they'll only be giving you 80¢ on the dollar now and maybe the other 20¢ down the road, if they can afford to.

This is a brief visit to the Maui Ocean Center:

Whale season is ending and the humpbacks are headed back to Alaska:

I haven't spoken to "Wiskers" yet but I had a brief chat with "Princess" Leah. She was dashing through Honolulu International Airport to make their inter-island connection to Mau'i. She sounded "upbeat" but tired. That doesn't surprise me. Try traveling with a one year old across the country. Been there. Done that.

TGIF! Enjoy your weekend and I hope you can stop by. I'll be here.




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