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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


IN 3-D

Here is the story about how these stunning images were created.

Our first contact with exobiological entities (ETs) will probably be via robots. I am not a believer in ETs having visited Earth. The distances are too great and the science just doesn't support it However, robots could endure the time required to traverse the vast distances of space.

Solar technology has taken a gigantic leap forward. Here is the story and an interesting video. This would be a big boon to everyone, especially those of us in the tropics.

And finally, on the space theme, astronomers have discovered what appears to be a solar system almost identical to our own. Using gravity lensing to see ever smaller objects. As this technology is refined we might someday be able to locate planets the size of the Earth around distant stars.


I am so relieved that this situation did not turn into another Waco. Maybe because the FBI wasn't in charge. IMO

Is blogging dangerous to your health? According to a report from The New York Times, that is a strong possibilty. Lets face it. Some bloggers, especially those covering politics and fast breaking news, are always trying to stay ahead of the competition. They earn money from their blogs and if they aren't "first" then they lose ad $$.

I am not worried. I try to keep my posting down to once a day. And since I no longer drive a cab, what I have been trying to do is share things of interest about my part of the world and things that I find of interest in the world as a whole. With an occasional poke at the hypocrisy of government.

I hope this editorial change is acceptable. If it isn't, I ain't going to stress out about it. I do this blog for my fun and hopefully some of you find it entertaining.

Well, thats it for today, unless something really, really important happens. As always, I appreciate your readership and hope you can make it by tomorrow.




Over The Limit?
Please don't drink and drive

"Let's all be careful out there!"