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Friday, April 25, 2008



Don't get me wrong. Trees are good. They scrub the CO2 from our atmosphere and provide us with beauty, oxygen, shade, wood, paper, pulp, ground cover, nesting for birds, hidey holes for squirrels and a place for young lovers to carve their hearted initials in. Hell, I even heard a rumor that they actually grow in Brooklyn. I admire the concept of sticking as many into the ground as possible every year. Just not me. I make things die. Some folks are graced with "green thumbs", I am cursed with "black" ones. Even artificial plants whither under my care. Just an ironic fate of life.

Talking about bad luck, did you see the story out of the Indianapolis area? Some idiot crook breaks into a guys home. The homeowner encounters the intruder and beats the living shit out of him. Finally pinning the "Lex Loser" to the floor. Where the owner held him at knifepoint until the cops arrived. So what you say? Well the homeowner was legally blind. After "Bobby Burglar" was carted off, to the detention ward at the hospital, the owners wife was cleaning the blood off her hero and he stated, "I think its all his." Think of what is going to happen to the cowardly crook when the other inmates discover that he had his ass handed to him by a blind man. ROTFLMAO!

Police: Carjacker stops to ask TV news crew for directions

Video at 11

Montgomery County (MD) jail inmates might be asking friends to give them phonebooks when they are incarcerated in the future. One of a series of budget cutting proposals deals with the amount of toilet paper prisoners use/need on a weekly basis. Why haven't they thought of using corncobs? Its their misfortune that Montgomery Wards and Sears & Roebucks don't issue catalogs anymore.

Recent images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter seem to indicate that Mars has gone through many ice ages in its history. Obviously this is causing scientists to reevaluate their presumptions about the planet.

The Mars rover "Opportunity" is suffering from old age. Like many of us back on Terra, it is having problems with its shoulder. "Opportunity" and its twin "Sojourn" have been faithfully working away for over 4 years now, on a misssion that was only scheduled to last 90 days.

Here are some JPL folks discussing the end of the Rover program.

The heir apparent of the Republican Party, John McCain, is trying to distance himself from our "Commander-in-Grief". He made a visit to the Ninth Ward in New Orleans to say he "would have done things differently."

A White House spokesperson immediately responded that Dubya has already admitted his faults after Hurricane Katrina. The spokesperson also blamed the local and State governments for their failures.

I am sure that "Fearless Leader" never has grasped the concept of "The buck stops here." Accepting responsibility has not been one of his ingratiating traits.

Rupert Murdock's feeding frenzy of American media outlets may have just come to a screeching halt. A Senate committee has voted to set aside some special rules enacted last December by the FCC. These rules favored Murdocks efforts to dominate information control in major cities. Could you imagine having just Fox News on every TV, radio and newspaper in the country? Murdock, and the neocons, can.

According to a report released by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, nobody has the slightest idea how many trained Iraqi military and police there are in Iraq.

Just exactly what have we been doing there for the last 5 years? Please, somebody tell me.

I have a recurring dream that someday in the future, Bush and Cheney will be led up the same gallows steps as Saddam, with the same executioners, and put out of our misery.

Did you hear? Wendy got ate by Arby.

Please alert Stallone and Bullock. Snipes gets out of prison in 3 years.

Money can't buy you love or happiness, but it may protect you from having a stroke. That's the takeaway from a new study in the journal Stroke.

Denise Richards is currently on Mau'i, filming a segment of some new "reality" show she'll be having on the E! network this fall.


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