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Thursday, April 10, 2008



I think they are staying about 2 weeks. I don't know what airline they're coming in on. Hope they weren't booked on American. "Queen" Nora is walking now. Which means a whole new level of adventure for her to explore. She is even trying to convince Daddy that it is okay for her to drive his pick-up truck.

I have been looking forward to this visit for over a year.

On the global news front, the IMF has announced that the world will incur a "mild" recession. Isn't that like the doctor telling you that "This might hurt a bit"? And all of this is because of the greed of mortgage bankers in issuing sub-prime loans in the US housing market. Jeff and Joan Clueless default on their mortgage and the world's economy collapses. Seems that I learned this in Econ-101 a few decades back, just the names and places have been changed.

In America, CBS News has cut back on its staff by about 200 people. Most of these were veteran news people. One of the claims for this cut is that viewers are shifting from watching news on TV to acquiring it off the internet. Even their lead personality, Katie Courac (anchor, CBS Evening News), may lose her job.

Somewhen, somehow, somewhere, someone in DHS finally has come up with a bright idea. They are going to start deporting illegal aliens from our prisons and jails across the country. Used to be that when an undocumented alien was released from custody, they just returned to the streets. This has been a problem for decades.

The FCC has approved the establishment of a national emergency notification system that would send text messages to cell phones.

The rain has slacked off here in Kihei but the entire State remains under a FLASH FLOOD WATCH for today. If you are interested, just check out the weather links on the sidebar. Just discovered that the streaming audio link is currently dead. So ignore it.

As a random thought:
You can't sleep. So you decide to channel surf during the middle of the night. Trying to find some show worth watching in the space between all the infomercials. Suddenly you see you daughter's face! Its on a "Girls Gone Wild" 30 minute infomercial. repeated again and again. There. Now you can sleep better. Right?

As always, thank you for stopping in. Today is TGIF! on the other side of the IDL. For everybody else, still 2 more to go until the weekend. Sorry.

Hope to see you tomorrow.




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