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Tuesday, April 29, 2008



What little most of us know about airline pilots is that disembodied voice over the PA that welcomes us aboard, and then tells us the weather at our destination, on arrival. There have been anecdotes about pilots forgetting to shut off the PA and then making statements to the first officer that are broadcast plane-wide. Here are some pilots being interviewed while undergoing flight simulator training.

Mahalo to Happy Thoughts for discovering more flight humor.

In other, Hawai'i related, airline news. Aloha Airlines cargo division abruptly ceased all operations. It appears that their ground services operation has also gone under.

Since the cargo division handled 85% of all air cargo traffic in the State, things are expected to get a bit dicey for the perishable goods market. Milk, produce, bakery items, prescription drugs and the US Mail all relied on Aloha to transport their products to the neighbor islands from O'ahu (Honolulu). Also affected are UPS, FedEx and DHL ground transport companies. The general consensus is that we can expect perishables to double or triple in price at the local retail level. Mau'i may fare a bit lighter, since we do have the Hawai'i Superferry making daily trips between Honolulu Harbor and Kahului Harbor. Service by the ferry to the Big Island and Kaua'i are still in limbo. While there are barges shipped every day to all the islands, these are via containers and most of the perishables would not fill a container. Thus using such an option would be not cost effective.

Quite a few of the major mainland airlines used Aloha's ground services division for baggage handling, maintenance and ticketing services. That also appears to be gone. Which means the majors are scambling to find a way to service their customers at the various airports in the state.

The rough edges of paradise are beginning to unravel.

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