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Sunday, March 30, 2008



That was the only damn piece of mail I got yesterday. Fingers are crossed that Monday will be the day that damn check arrives. Also received a text message that the cell will shut down either today or Monday. And to put the cherry on yesterday, I fell asleep and my landlord called a couple of times inviting me to have a bar-b-que dinner with him and his family. That was very kind of him and I am really sorry that I missed the calls.

Yup. Yesterday was not high on the list of outstanding days.


"Jules Verne", the ESA unmanned space freighter is on its maiden flight and should dock with the ISS on Monday. "Jules Verne" is the biggest, most sophisticated spacecraft yet flown by the European Space Agency. I didn't even know it had been launched until yesterday. Pretty advanced stuff here. It is totally self navigating, up to and including docking with the space station. This BBC news article will give you all the info and, if you scroll down to the end, there is a Google map in "real time" showing exactly where the "Jules Verne" currently is in orbit. This map is in motion 24/7. No need to reload.

We've all been taught that Thomas A. Edison was the first person to record sound. OOPS! Turns out the first sound recording was made 17 years earlier, in 1860 France. I'd play you the 10-second clip but then I'd probably be taken to court by the RIAA for piracy.

I didn't realize that UK internet users have limits on usage. That sounds like the early days of the internet in America. Doesn't seem fair to me.

Possible new evidence has been discovered in the only unsolved sky-jacking in US history. "D. B. Cooper" is a true American folk hero. I would have thought that the Statute of Limitations would have expired by now, 37 years later.

In Australia, people spend more time on "the net" than they do watching television. Can't say that I blame them, if their TV is as bad as ours.

In 2007 more money was spent for internet display ads that spot ads on radio. Thats a first.

Maybe I should move to Montana:
lobbyists said the dispute amounted to "political theater" between a lame-duck administration trying to claim progress and opponents trying to unravel the nationwide effort
More on our de facto National ID program. You think the current admisistration would get the picture when 17 states have said "NO!"

Want to bet that not only will they prevent the use of a DL by residents from non-compliant states but will also withhold Federal Highway funds. And will people with non-compliant licensing be restricted from operating a motor vehicle outside of their home state? Wouldn't surprise me.

This one is really going to torque Lugosi's jaws. Along with everyone's else's, I hope. Right out of the book/movie "1984".

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend. I hope to see you tomorrow.




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