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Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Dinner was at Outback Steakhouse. Which is about as "Australian" as Taco Bell is "Mexican".

BTW, what does the rest of the world call those "things" that you place under a glass to absorb the condensation drippings? Just a random "stream of thought" question.

A couple of decades ago I could go out to a full dinner, eat everything in front of me and still be hungry a couple of hours later. Now I order the petite prime rib with salad and a baked (jacketed) potato and still take half of it home in a "doggie" bag. What term/word does the rest of the world call that?

Talked about the "daughter's" youngest child. You know, grandparent type stuff. Stopped by Safeway, we both needed cat food (uh, for our cats ) and I bought us some chocolate cake slices, which we never did eat - too full.

All-in-all, an enjoyable, relaxing evening. Judy was a bit "wired" when I arrived. The president of the time-share association she works for had made a statement in the association's newsletter that really upset the owners. She was on the phone all day, fielding the angry complaints from owners, world-wide. She said that she received over 30 e-mails and that the phone started ringing as soon as she walked in at 7:30a and hadn't stopped when she left at 4:30p. It was ringing as she walked out the door. She is a "0ne-woman office" and after the day she had, it was time to just walk away, for the day. She knows that the rest of the week will follow this same pattern, as other owners get their copy of the newsletter.

Neither one of us drink very much but last night I insisted that she imbibe, she needed it, badly. Told me later that a Piña Colada had never tasted so good.

With little Holly Muppet turning three this past week, I started to reminiscence. The earliest birthday that I can remember was my 7th. A "cowboy and indian" theme. While other memories go further back than that, no so the ones of birthdays. How about you? What the earliest birthday that you can remember?

Everyone have a great day! See you tomorrow.




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