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Wednesday, June 27, 2007



About as dull as last night's sunset.

First pick-up was out of Wailea about 7:45p to OGG. Decent. My next fare wasn't until 10:15p. Ouch!
The bar rush started shortly past 10p and lasted until 11:30p. Nobody moved for the next hour. At 12:30a we started the bar close. Captured 4 in the rush and 3 in the close. Plus 2 dog-watchers.

The final 3 fares were the ones of interest.

A 1:47a run from Mulligans-on-the-Blue to central Kihei with a stop in Maui Meadows. The female part of the equation is kama'aina and is getting married, in September, to a nice guy from Mulligans. She had offered to share a ride with a kama'aina male so he wouldn't have to wait for a cab. She sat up front with me while he was doing his best to flirt with her. She wasn't nearly as drunk as I have seen her before and she politely, and continuously, refused his advances. We dropped him at the only gated community we have on this side of Mau'i that isn't in Wailea and proceeded to her apartment. She chattered , endlessly, about her forthcoming nuptials. "Excited" would be an understatement.

The first graveyard trip were 4 pretty young things from Queensland, Australia. First night on the island and they had been checking out the "stud line" at the bars. During our trip, they asked about various activities they should do to enhance their holiday. I recited my standard suggested itinerary.
  1. Molokini
  2. Haleakala
  3. Front Street.
  4. Hana
The last run was a request from the Marriott. One of their young female (25yo) guests had tried to walk back to the hotel and was now lost. Like a lot of city folk, she thought there would be a cab to be found as she trekked. She had actually done pretty good. She had walked south, along South Kihei Road, from Fred's but became disoriented when she reached a short distance inside Wailea. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to call a cab in Kihei/Wailea, via 411 (directory assistance), she smartly called her hotel. A cute little ex-Navy woman, who looked like she was maybe, maybe, 17 years old.

Every one last night was polite and well behaved. No matter how intoxicated they were. Made for a pleasant night.

11 fares / 116 miles / third quarter of the $100 bracket

Everybody have a great day.




Sea Wall


"Let's all be careful out there!"