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Thursday, June 21, 2007



It took almost 75 minutes before my first run. A dinner fare into Kihei. Then I lucked into a Wailea/OGG. Three dinner returns brought me to midnight. One bar close and three dog-watch trips, taking baristas home. They like riding with me. It gives them a sympathetic ear to bitch into. Lets face it. Dealing with drunks all the time can be depressing and draining.

My OGG last night was this friendly couple:
Linda and Matt are from the Pittsburgh, PA, USA area. The "get-away" portion of their honeymoon was coming to its natural conclusion and they were heading home to deal with the realities of the "real" world.

9 fares / 112 miles / third quarter of $100 bracket

The solstice occurs at 1806 UTC. Thats 8:06a Hawai'i Time (HST), less than 90 minutes from now. Adjust for your own time zone. North of the earth's waistline it becomes summer. And all our friends south get hit below the belt with winter.

The first day of summer always reminded me that the amount of daylight has peaked and now starts waning.

Our good friend, Dogbait, in about as far south as you can get on mainland "Oz", has been having those wintertime blahs. Cheer up, mate! From now on your "days" will be getting longer as our diminish.

Of course, in Hawai'i thats a rather moot point. 13 hours of daylight in the summer and 11 hours in the winter.

Ain't life a bitch?

We have 2 returnees from the "blog-muda triangle"

"Cabbie-X", out of Eugene, OR, USA, has reincarnated Through A Windshield, Darkly. His original blogspot locale was one of the earliest victims of "blog-jacking".

Also rejoining us is Helen. She used to write a blog called Helen's Blog. Then she disappeared this spring. Helen is a fourteen year old lady from somewhere in rural England, UK. Beautiful prose and refreshing insights to her world and the angst of being. Just being. A Good Idea At The Time is really worth your time.

Everyone have a wonderful day, or night, and I'll see you here tomorrow.




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