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Sunday, June 17, 2007



Looking down on Kihei & Wailea
from Waikapu about 12:45a, today.
Some fares are fun
~ Dick & Traci ~
Others are just strange.
Last night capped off a really good week for me. Metered in the second quarter of the $200 bracket. No one out of control, no one truly obnoxious. I stayed busy the entire shift, except for the normal lull between 11p and 1a and even that period wasn't barren.

There were 7 cabs working when I started, that whittled down to 5 by 9p and then just Hardin, last nights phone holder (#25), TMR (#27) and ONE-NINE from midnight to 2a.

A little past 1a, Hardin responded to a request at the Maui Sunset condos in north central Kihei. 2 people going to the Kea Lani. They were "no-shows". Just as I took over the phone, about 2a, I get another call from these people. Now they needed 2 cabs. One couple to the Kea Lani and a second couple to the Four Seasons. Hardin and I both rolled on it. And then waited. I called back the number and some extremely intoxicated male answered and said they would be right down. And we waited. Called back again and told the same guy that he had one minute to make his presence known or we were leaving. 60 seconds later, we left, empty. Around 2:30a the Kea Lani called requesting a cab for their guests needing to return to the hotel from, you guessed it, the Maui Sunset. I told the nice lady that I was declining the call since we had already been by there twice and I wasn't going to be a "three time loser". Explained the rationale for my decision and she understood. I wonder if they walked or spent the night? Honestly, I really don't give a shit either way.

Dollar-wise, the high points were an OGG, assigned as soon as I logged on and a midnight run to MMMC (Maui Memorial Medical Center, a/k/a/ "hospital"), a nine year old boy who wasn't feeling good and his Dad. The rest of the night it was just in-town pupus, few of which exceeded $10.

I did locate a new street. A Wailea subdivision that is still under construction but now has a few residences occupied. If you are interested, these are new condos in the $3-million range. Thats cheap, buy 2!

150 miles / 14 fares /

Prim (#22) and Wally (#05) were both "10-1" by 4a and Flor (#27) would be in around 4:30a, followed by Murph at 5a. I was home by 4"30a.

Monday will be dinner with Judy and today, when I rejoin the world this evening, I'll be scouring the web for more images for The Picture Gallery. I have actually run out! Can you believe that?

Everybody enjoy your weekend. Except Qz, where it is already Monday morning.

And, at least in "The States", don't forget to wish your Dad a Happy Father's Day.




"Surf's Up!"
North Coast Of Moloka'i
"Jurassic Park"
Hula Dancers


"Let's all be careful out there!"