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Tuesday, May 08, 2007



~ T. J. ~
(Tyler Jacob)

A very mellow evening. Tonight's "Bill Of Fare" was Taco Bell Hell. We took it home and watched TV, HEROES, of course. Before we went out, we called TJ and wished him a Happy Birthday. TJ, and his 3 year old brother Evan (grandson #4), are actually Judy's grandkids but, for years, I have served in the role of "Grandpa" and consider them as much mine as hers. I have a lot of love to go around.


We had a shark attack in Kihei yesterday. Thankfully, it wasn't fatal. Most of the southside beaches, from Kalama Park down to Wailea Beach, are closed for the next couple of days. Precautionary.
News video here

Tiger Shark

I think it was a residual effect of a dead whale that washed up Sunday, in the same general area that the attack occurred.

Another photo from Bill Bowen. Taken at Ho'okipa Beach Park. His wife is from Mau'i and he still has family living here.

Mahalo, Bill
Also, Mahalo to my friend Van, MAUI ACTION PHOTOS, for the continuing series of surf shots taken last week.

We have no major holidays/events scheduled for the rest of this month. There will be Memorial Day on May 28th, the unofficial start of Summer in the US, but we don't see much impact. Too close to school graduations and proms on the "mainland". Our Summer season usually starts about June 15th and lasts until Labor Day, the first Monday in September. The BIG Summer upswing actually occurs near Independence Day, July 4th.

The way that 2007 has been, so far, I am not taking any bets on how good this summer will be. I've had to cancel my vacation. Had to raid my "vacation fund" just to live this year. Thats how shitty business has been. Averaging 1/3rd of what I normally earn.

Judy and I are thinking about taking a little "get-away", in September, to Kaua'i. Won't cost much and neither of us have been off Mau'i in years.

Thanks for dropping in and I hope to see you tomorrow, after I finish my shift.




Misty Double Rainbow
Our Lush Landscape
Most Days Look Like This
Remains Of A Wooden Boat
Shipwreck Beach

"Let's all be careful out there!"