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Saturday, April 28, 2007



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"El Lay" and OC, SoCal USA

I was called in early yesterday. We were running very tight on covering runs to OGG and the Friday night dinner fares. Was on the road by 6:20pm and my second job took me to OGG from Wailea.

Finally hooked up with Hardin (#25) about 9:00pm and took the phone. Thats also about the same time that the damn thing quit ringing.

Last Night's Sunset
Round about 10:00pm is when driver attrition began.

Maui Jim (#17) washed out at 10:00pm. PrimaDonna (#18) and Dipshit (#22) left 30 minutes later. That was the last of the day drivers. Tina (#05) bailed at 11:30pm. Rick (#21) didn't make it past the witching hour. Hardin (#25) wrapped it up at 12:45pm. TMR (#27) and ONE-NINE were the only cabs left at bar close. Pitifully, we didn't have any trouble covering it. He was gone by 2:10am.

2 pupu runs during my solo hours and then a 4:00am trip to OGG. A great couple from the London UK area.

Topped off my night with a "personal regular", at 5:00am, headed to work in Wailea.

As a sidebar. One thing I rediscovered by going in early was TRAFFIC. Thats something I rarely have to deal with during my shift. Also why I prefer being an owl.

I wonder how many times this pickup truck has been off of a paved road?

Judging by the condition of the truck bed, I doubt it has hauled anything other than an ice chest or two. Ladies, how would you like to be his "date", in a mini-skirt, trying to get in and out of the cab?

Work is still progressing on Ambrosia. The last time I asked, as reported here, May 1st was the anticipated opening. I don't think so. It would take 2 days, minimum, just to stock the bar

Which ponders the question:
Is there a proper or standard way of filling the "well"?

Overall, a profitable night. Not as much as I needed but way better than the past few weeks months have been. Also the brain isn't fried..The hours that I had the phone were very quiet and stress free.

The only funny event of the shift was about 3:00am. The phone would ring and when I answered, I could hear ambient room noise but no one was talking. This is a common problem with cell phones. If bumped just right, it will recall the last number dialed.

By the 4th time it rang, the room noise had become very specific. A couple was very obviously enjoying extreme carnal knowledge of each other.

Going on the presumption that if the phone rang on their end, they would probably shut it off, I called them.

Letting it ring through to "voice-mail".

It must have worked.

The calls stopped.

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I've added a new link up in the weather section.

Glenn James is a meteorologist for a Fed gov't agency. For years he has had a daily (M-F) TV show on the local community college's cable access channel #55. Originally his show was only seen on Mau'i. Eventually it was broadcast statewide at 7:45am. The best info on Hawai'i weather.

Now an internet media company in Pa'ia Town is providing feeds to the WWW. A new show is usually posted by 10:00am HST (UTC-10) every weekday.

Check it out.

Thanks for stopping over.

I'll be here again tomorrow






"Let's all be careful out there!"