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Thursday, April 19, 2007



,Anyway, thats how the night started.

After logging in, I went to the Wailea Lookout:

To watch the fading embers of a beautiful sunset. A thin waxing moon being shepherded to bed by Venus. Please excuse the slight blurriness. This was a time exposure (about 5 seconds) and as hard as I tried to brace the camera, there is still some inherent wobble (couldn't get my heart to stop beating for a few seconds).

By dispatch option, I was moved into Kihei at 9:00pm, sans any fares. About 50 minutes later I am finally assigned a run. Out of Wailea, of course, and took a very nice Japanese couple from there to far north Kihei.

Next run was at 11:15pm. An elderly lady who loves to play "Texas Hold'em" at a residence right behind the Kihei District Police Station. The "buy in" is $35 and the pay out is to the top three winners, with #1 usually getting about $900 (thats some serious "chump change"). She never leaves a "winner" and she always requests me, since riding in a sedan is so much easier for her.

A 1:30am "flag" took me from the "Triangle" to Wailea.

And that ended our "busy" hours. 3 runs, less than $50.
Maybe I can get by on just 1/2 of a PB&J sandwich, a day, for the next 2 months.
But fortune and fate turned a kind eye towards me right after everyone went home. "Flagged" from the "Triangle" to the south end of town. A phone request from FoodLand to north central Kihei. Phone request from central Kihei to the Pride of Aloha, at Kahului Harbor and capped off the shift with a "regular" bartender, taking her home.

Flor (#27) was in by 4:00am, Prim (#22) was there by 4:30am and I was home by 5:00am. Passed on some decent reservations that should bring some smiles to the day driver's faces.

ONE-NINE at The Shops At Wailea.

Intersection Mokulele Highway (SR-311) and Pi'ilani Highway (SR-31).
0330 hours
Checking out an abondoned vehicle.
Yes, the "professor" is gone.

But me thinks he shall not go softly into the night.

For legal reasons, I'll just leave it at that , with one caveat. He WON'T be missed.
Thanks again, as always, for stopping by.

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Front Street
I'ao Needle
Mau'i "Cruiser"
Along The Roadway From The Airport To The Resort On Lana'i

"Let's all be careful out there!"