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Thursday, April 05, 2007



Every grocery store and convenience store in Kihei purveys alcoholic spirits. We only have one true "Liquor Store". Aloha Discount Liquor is located in the Rainbow Mall, which is just a fancy name for a small strip center just north of Denny's on south Kihei Road. Their window displays are always unique.
"Pau Hana" is the local term for the end of the work day.
"Where's da kine?"
"He pau hana."

LAB (Life's A Beach) also has some notices and bills posted.

Just like last night, I had a total of 6 fares. 5 between 7:00pm and 2:00am and 1 between 2:00am and 5:00am. The only difference was that I didn't get a run out of town. I metered exactly $60.00 for the shift. That sucks. I did pretty good in tips though, one gave me $20 on a $10.10 and another gave $20 on a $5.90.

Judy called me just as I arrived at The Grand to start my shift. She needed a ride home at about 7:50pm. The people she works with threw her a surprise B'day party. Smorgy food, lots of "Ta-Kill-Ya" and some really nice presents. She is a fun drunk. Doesn't get loud, doesn't get sick and after three shots she also doesn't know the meaning of the word "NO". However, she does know not to drink and drive. Got her home, had a glass of iced tea and watched her fall asleep on her couch. I closed and locked her doors as I departed. Okay, I DO LOVE HER but we both know that we are not compatible. "Best Friends" is as good as it will ever get. We are both too bull-headed and when issues arise, neither one of us is willing to compromise. She knows that she can trust me implicitly when she has had a wee bit too much to drink.

I have also passed on all the "HI's" that some of you have asked me to give her and she says "HI" right back at ya.
Wednesday night at Bada Bings is Mehu night. Right around bar close, some macho asshole decided that he would wander over and do a little "gay-bashing". He was at least 6'4" tall, about 230#. Very muscular. His "victim" was a little 5'6" guy, maybe 130#, who also just happened to have a 3rd degree black belt in Tai-Quan-Do. The cops responded to "pick up the pieces". The only blood on the "victim" was from the "assailant". I like it when things like that happen, don't you?
Stopped by the new owners house on the way into work to drop off some trip sheets and money. Larry casually mentioned that very few of my co-workers have neutral feelings about me. I am either vehemently hated or greatly admired. Thats par for the course.


Since it was so slow, I don't have a lot to relate. Check back again tomorrow. Okay?




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