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Wednesday, April 25, 2007



These kids are from Vancouver, BC, CA. I never did get their names.

Look VERY closely at the photo, and then leave your caption for it in the "comments".

Never left town but I did pretty good for a slow Tuesday night. Better than the last few Tuesdays have been. Still scratching and fighting like a wildcat to make the rent on the 1st. I am also beginning to really dislike pb&j.

The ladies above, along with their friends in another cab, had wanted to go to Bada Bings but it closes at 9:00pm on Tuesdays. Dropped them at Dog & Duck instead.

Started my night with a "special". One of my regulars called, as I was headed in to work to pick up ONE-NINE, and wanted to make a roundtrip from her place in Maui Meadows to The Shops At Wailea. Not a bad way to start the night.

My next fare was a roundtrip from Menehune Shores (a vacation/residential condo in north Kihei) to Taco Hell Bell. I found out later that she was an underage member of the above wedding party and was compensating for not being able to get smashed with the other girls. At least she won't wake up with a hangover today. Can't say the same for the others.

Stayed relatively active (not busy) for the first three hours. Had a newlywed couple from The Prince to the Maui Oceanfront Inn. They had attended the luau and had enough "jungle juice" in them that they actually were persuaded to attempt doing a hula during the show. They laughed and giggled the entire ride.

After them, it was just "bar runs", either to or from.

My 12th, and final, run was taking a "floor host" home about a quarter til 3.
1900 - 1959 = 2 fares
2000 - 2059 = 2 fares
2100 - 2159 = 1 fare
2200 - 2259 = 2 fares
2300 - 2359 = 0 fares
2400 - 0059 = 3 fares
0100 - 0159 = 0 fares
0200 - 0259 = 2 fares
0300 - 0359 = 0 fares
The first day cab checked in at 4:00am and I was home by 4:30am.

Just looking forward to that pb&j sandwich.

I wonder what cat food tastes like?

Naw, thats too much of a stereotype.

A shapely lass having a smoke outside of LAB
Another "Mau'i Cruiser"

Tune in tomorrow, same "Bat-Time", same "Bat-Channel", for another episode of

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Akaka Falls
The Way To The Fern Grotto
Hawai'ian Royal Seal

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