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Monday, April 23, 2007



Maui Meadows

I haven't been outside, in daylight, in a very long time. Even with sunglasses on, it hurt.

Wailea Lookout

Went "10-1" (starting shift) about 5:20pm and shortly afterwards had a pu-pu, in town. One hour into the shift I had my first Wailea-OGG run. The round trip is about one hour and on return I just sat, for another hour, before I covered a "special" that I had arranged the prior night for a south central Kihei to OGG.

Wailea Lookout

When I got back to Kihei, I did an Azeka to north Kihei trip. A worker from Stella Blue's headed home.

Wailea Lookout

Half an hour later I picked up one of our regulars and took him to the "Triangle". He is habitually drunk. I have never seen him sober, ever. He was already past the point of intoxication, where bartenders are required to refuse service, when he got in ONE-NINE. He could talk and he could listen but he could not do both at the same time. As long as he has a fist full of "greenbacks" he'll have no trouble being served. At least he has been indoctrinated to use a cab rather than driving himself.

After that my body went into shutdown mode. I was tired. The "Triangle" had little activity and the dispatches had ground to a stop, so I called it a night and was home before 11:00pm

While the extra bucks weren't as much as I had hoped for, it still added to the rent envelope.

Princess Leah and Queen Nora have started a blog called The Swarty Family. I have had a link to it on the sidebar for awhile now. Lots of great baby pictures.

William (Bill) B., from Littleton, CO, USA recently sent me an e-mail:
We live in Littleton, CO, south of Denver. My wife grew up in Kahului and my mother in law still lives in the same house. Also have 2 sis in laws in Haiku. We got married up in Makawao at St Joseph's and reception at the burned out :( Pukulani Country Club restaurant. We get back about every two years - next trip will be January or February of 2008 so we can go whale watching.
Can I contribute any photos from Hawaii to your blog? I have a nice digital SLR and have some nice ones.
These first 4 pics in today's
are courtesy of Bill and he gets a big
from me.

He said he will contribute more down the road.

Thanks, Bill

I forgot to ask for permission to use his last name, so I haven't.


Big Island Sunset
courtesy William W.

Kula Lodge
courtesy William W.

Tedeschi Winery
courtesy William W.

The Beach At The Maui Prince
courtesy William W.


Red Tailed Tropic Bird
Albatross Chick
Unhatched Albatross Egg

"Let's all be careful out there!"