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Sunday, December 10, 2006



Overloaded with cabs at the start of my night. At 10p, I had covered two runs and none of the day cabs had left work. Said "WTF" and went home. "On-Call" should they need my assistance. Not bloody likely. Came back at 12:45a and covered 6 runs between then and 2a. I failed to follow my personal S.O.P. when I took the phone from #09 ("The Professor"). I normally open the flip-phone to see if the battery is fully charged. Tonight I just plugged my headset into it and put it in my shirt pocket.
I didn't discover this until 3:30a, The price I paid for being sloppy in my procedures. And I found out later that people had been trying to call me during those 90 minutes. I could've used that money. I spent more at the grocery store than I took home.

I actually said it a lot louder that that. Trust me.

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Two weeks from tonight is Christmas Eve. Three weeks is New Year's Eve. Yeah, I know that everyone already is aware of that but what happens in that time period is kind of a "bell weather" for the nation's economy.

On Friday, the 22nd, we will be in our busiest time of the year. The question is will it start on Wednesday, the 20th? 5 days before Christmas is the usual kick-off of the season. This means that the economy is stable. If people are a bit richer, they'll show up this coming Friday, the 15th. If we are going down the drain, nobody will arrive until Friday, the 22nd. I know it is not "scientific" but it has always held true.

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I have changed "comments" from the Blogger/Blogspot system to Haloscan. Now you can read and leave comments at either the "original recipe" or the "doppelganger". If I don't start getting spam comments or B.S. comments, I'll leave it open for everyone. Worse case scenario will mean I have to activate moderation. Now Blogger, Blogger-Beta and people not involved with either one can hop in for a ride.
Added another Cab-Blog last week. Where To? is set in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. Good writing, interesting perspectives and he has started to add pix. Check it out. Link also on sidebar. -> -> ->



Ka'anapali Beach
Ka'anapali Beach
As Seen From the Sheraton Maui
Ka'anapali Beach
North Towards Black Rock
Ka'anapali Beach
South Towards The Westin Resort
Beach Foliage at Ka'anapali Beach
Black Rock
Catamarans, Ka'anapali Beach
Couple Enjoying Ka'anapali Beach
Outrigger Canoe Being Launched
Surf At Ka'anapali Beach
(not usually this big)
Boogie-Boarder At Rest
Teralani 2 Catamaran
Island Of Lana'i As Seen From Ka'anapali Beach
West Maui Coastline

"Let's all be careful out there!"