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Monday, November 20, 2006



Boy, my hit counter started rusting this weekend from lack of use. Hardly anyone came by. Was it something I said? The last time the count was this low was when Blogger went down last month.

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For those interested in college B'ball, the Maui Invitational starts tomorrow.
So Britney and K-Fed have split and now a video of their sex life has come into play. In my opinion, nobody's sex tape is worth $50 million dollars.
Is your FOX station carrying or boycotting the OJ Simpson special? In those markets that do run it, I hope no one watches. Talk about trying to feed ones ego. Geez.
Next Saturday night should be interesting. The "Professor" and "TMR" both will be off. That leaves just Hardin and me to cover the night shift and he doesn't always show up on Saturday. I am going to be extremely busy. There should be a huge amount of OGG runs as people leave the island after Thanksgiving. There is no way that two cabs can handle the volume of fares that will be generated up to 10:00pm. After 10:00pm it will still be busy enough to occupy two cabs continuously until 2:30/3:00am.


I'ao Valley

West Edge Of Wailuku
Looking Into The Valley
West Edge Of Wailuku
Looking East Towards Town
Just Entering Wailuku From I'ao Valley
Looking East On Main Street
Looking East On Main Street @ High Street
Already Christmas In Some Shop Windows
Market Street
Looking East On Main Street @ Market Street
A Past Event At MCC (Maui Community College)
Looking Into I'ao Valley From Market Street
I'ao Theater
A Live Performance Venue
The State Office Building )foreground)
The Courthouse (background)
The Federal Office Building

"Let's all be careful out there!"