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Monday, November 06, 2006



Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 7th) is election day.

Please exercise the power given you by our Constitution.

Whether you are on the extreme reactionary right or the far radical left, your vote is important. Most important of all are the votes that come from those in the "middle of the road". The ignored and forgotten moderate voter finally has a chance to determine where America is headed.

And to all the politicians, remember:
50.1% is NOT a mandate.

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London Metro Police have some interesting patrol cars.

They also have very strict protocols about who is allowed to operate a police vehicle.

*** *** ***

To clear up some confusion. OGG is the FAA designator for the Kahului International Airport. Like LAX, JFK, SFO, etc.

*** *** ***

Rather than taking Judy to dinner tonight, I have offered to cook dinner for us at her house. Yeah, I know how to do more than barbeque. Nothing fancy. Just a meatloaf. You can't get a decent meatloaf in any restaurant and I have had a hankerin' for one for a long time.

Ground beef, of course. Rather than bread crumbs, I use crushed Cheez-It crackers.. Tomato paste instead of tomato sauce. A packet of dry onion soup mix. Sliced black olives. Mushroom bits. Some diced red bell pepper. Just before it is done baking, I cover the top in cheddar, mozzerella and jack cheeses, shredded, and let it melt over the top without burning.

The leftovers make great sandwiches.


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