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Thursday, November 23, 2006



A very mellow night. We didn't start moving until 9:00pm. As the night progressed, my fares kept getting larger. Finished off the shift with a run from the Mana Kai to OGG.

About 11:35pm I am dispatched to the Unocal 76 station, just south of the "Triangle" for a run to OGG. Alarm bells started going off in my brain. A pick up to the airport is not a common occurrence from a gas station. Also, there are no flights that late at night. The last "red-eye" should have departed 10 minutes earlier. Third alarm when I pulled into the station and there was a solo male, with NO luggage. He was a very nicely dressed and very intoxicated Hispanic gentleman. Probably in his mid-50s. He spoke in a moderate Spanish accent.

"Good evening. Where we headed to?"
"The airport."
"Which airline?"
"I don't know. I want to go to California to see my son."
"Uh, sir, the airport is closed at this hour and won't reopen until 5:00am."
"Yes, sir. In fact, I can't even drop you at the airport during the night. Security will stop me and they also won't let you sleep there while you wait for it to open."
"Then take me to a bar."

Which is what I did. All 100 meters of the $3.80 trip away.
Well, at least I got something out of it.



A View Of Mau'i From Moloka'I
View Of Lana'i From Moloka'i
Garden Of The Gods
Moloka'i Fish Pond
Kalaupapa Overlook
Phallic Rock
Cliffs At The West End Of Moloka'i
Near The Westend
Looking East From The Westend
West End
Hana Road Waterfall
A View From Kaua'i
An Isolated Country Road On The Big Island
Another Hawai'ian Sunset

"Let's all be careful out there!"