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Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Judy and I went to dinner at Fred's tonight. It is a small chain restaurant that features "San Diego Style" mexican food.

This is the menu/placemat:

Not spicy at all. I love spicy. It was okay and reasonably priced and would appease most anglos wanting a tame mexican meal.

I had the steak fajitas and she had chicken tacos. The salsa had flavor but no "kick". If you wanted guacamole, it was extra. Sour cream was included.

The ambience was gaudy, which is obviously the "look" they were striving for.

Did notice this one sign painted on the wall:
Judy And Her Cat, "Bob".

On the way back to her home, we stopped by the store and eyed a "witch" costume and hat. I bought it for her so she could have a special outfit for Halloween. She plans to wear it to work on the 31st. You can kinda see it in the photo.

We went back to her place and watched "HEROES" and had some lemon cheesecake, which was absolutely delicious.

I really enjoy her company.


West Mau'i Mountains From Atop Haleakala
A Beautiful Bay
Lahaina Harbor

Lahaina Town

East Mau'i

Beautiful Seascapes


"Let's all be careful out there!"


Gnightgirl said...

It's hard to find authentic mexican, isn't it? Love the photo's though, and the evening sounds lovely.

Peggy said...

That is one beautiful cat that Judy is holding!

june in florida said...

The prices seemed very reasonable and either Judy is quite tiny or that is one big cat. Remembering back to England seems to me cats were much bigger than American cats. Great pics as usual Wil.Was watching 'Litle People 'on tv other night and they were in a tropical area, i said "thats Mau'i" and it was, your educating us Wil.

jeepgirl said...

Am glad to hear that you both had a good time. I worry about you being lonely sometimes... its nice to be out with someone who appreciates you and vice versa.

Judy's cat looks like he could kick Bear's ass though!!!

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