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Monday, September 18, 2006



Nice relaxing day off.

Made these for you folks.


RSS readers can view video here.


RSS readers can view video here.

Have a great Monday!

postscript: I thought it was implied but a comment earlier indicates that there is a question about the non-dispatching driver. All six of the other drivers have asked the problem child to do their fair share and we all have been rebuffed. That is why we are contemplating more drastic action. Also note that all my references have been gender non-specific. We have both male and female drivers on all shifts.

"Let's all be careful out there!"


FroneAmy said...

Today it's raining in Ohio. I love a good rainstorm, but we don't get good rainstorms very often. And when it's sunny, it does NOT look anything remotely like the pictures you post. Consider me officially jealous.

I just found out one of my sisters moved to Hawaii so I may have to finagle a way of visiting....

jo said...

Ah, so it's a woman then ....?? It doesn't really make any difference whether it's a man or a woman, either way they should be pulling their weight.

We had a fantastic electrical storm last Thursday, sheet lightning and huge rolls of thunder - I love a good rainstorm too!! xx

Peggy said...

Ok - if you've spoken to him/her directly, and they're not playing then they're a jerk. Perhaps the world will be a colder, poorer place until they can play nice.

CharterJames said...

Loved the slide shows to music. The Enya selection was particularily pleasing. I like your taste in music!

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