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Tuesday, September 05, 2006



My best friend, Judy, and I finally had a chance to have lunch. Its been years. We've had dinners, etc., but just a chance for only the two of us to get away and just gossip has been rare lately.

We chose Denny's for it's accessability and because of certain dietary restrictions she must deal with.

It was a beautiful day and we sat on the lanai. We immediately had some company.

Our server did rout the winged rats and dissuaded their return by tossing bread and pancake crumbs onto the parking lot below us.
We just had a quick salad and club sandwich and shot the shit about our kids and grandkids back on the mainland. What was good and bad about our current lifes and just basically reconnected. We have been friends for over 26 years and have endured our mariages, our divorces, and failed dating relationships. We've never been a "couple", basically because we are afraid that would ruin our friendship. The nice thing is that we know almost everything there is to know about the other and we accept each other for who we are. Both the good and the bad. Platonic friendships like this, between a man and a woman, are very, very rare.


My good friend, Van, who owns Mau'i Action Photos (there is a link to him on the Mau'i Related Web Sites dropdown menu on the sidebar), finally got a chance to get a little surfing of his own in this weekend. He sent me some photos to share with you.
Am I the only one hearing
Beach Boys music?

I hope all of you, in the US and Canada, had a great Labor (Labour) Day Holiday. Back to the "salt mines" today.


According to today's Maui News article, the fire is 50% contained, but still burning. Those of you on broadband can click the Molokini webcam, on the sidebar, and then click preset button #8 and you will get a view of the damage that is visible from the Kihei side of the fire. Probably best seen around 1500 hrs, UTC (7:00am HST)

photos - The Maui News / AMANDA COWAN


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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jo said...

Hi Wil

'Platonic friendships like this, between a man and a woman, are very, very rare'

They are not as rare as you think, but possibly may be rare in the younger generation. I have many good - platonic - male friends, who are just as you describe your relationship with your friend.

It's good to have friends, you can never have enough.


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