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Friday, September 08, 2006



Relatively slow night. A whole bunch of teens & tweens were roaming the parking lots at FoodLand and the "Triangle". Not causing trouble, just bored. Our weather cooled a bit after sunset. For the past few days, temperatures at midnight have been in the low 80's or upper 70's. The humidity was also elevated and there was no hint of a breeze to be found. Last night the temp was low 70's and we had a comfortable breeze. I think the kids were just out enjoying the weather change.

Just after I made the "FLASH" post (below), I had a "walkup" at FoodLand. We exchange the typical pleasantries and started the short run.

"I hate one of your drivers. I am going to kick his ass."

"Really? Which driver?"

"The skinny one with very short hair."

"The kinda tall, skinny one with very short blonde hair and acts like a 14 year old controlling an early 40's body?"

"He took my girlfriend to work and pulled out a crack pipe and started ti light it. She was surprised and told him that she would feel more comfortable if he didn't do that shit while he was driving her. He tried to sell her some of that shit and told her that it would make her feel real good, all day. Then he asked her if she had ever thought about being in some porn movies. If she made some with him, he would give the shit for free. I called your boss and gave him hell about this asshole. My girlfriend pointed hin out at the store tonight and then wouldn't let me beat him to death. But now that I know what he looks like, I'm gonna find him when she isn't around and take care of business."

I gave him the latest news.

"What a fucking loser. Do you know where he lives?

"I believe he is homeless. Living out of his van", I answered.

"No problem. I'll find him and when I do, he'll be shark bait."

A couple of MPD officers read this blog occassionally. It would be nice if they could forward this on to the vice unit for follow-up.

** ** **

Do to some changes in my life, that I'll be adjusting to this weekend, I had to bypass either a trip to the westside or a trip to OGG this morning. Called Murph and had him come in early for the westside run and Mexican Mary took over ONE-NINE early so she could get the OGG. She has to take ONE-NINE in, at 7:30am, for transmission service. The "Jerk's" dragracing starts have messed up the overdrive. I needed to go home and this would help start her day, since she won't be earning any money while ONE-NINE is on the rack.

A win-win situation for everybody. Flor was third to checkin and he has a 6:00am and a 6:15am to cover. Hopefully one more day driver will logon before 6:00am so everything will be covered.


Road To Hana
Stormy Sea

A View From Upcountry
Windward O'ahu
Baldwin Beach, Pa'ia

Kamaole Beach, Kihei
Evening At The Beach

"Let's all be careful out there!"


jo said...

Hi Wil

I was just about to ask you, was it the 'jerk', that you were talking about - then I thought, I had better read the previous post before I comment. Blow me down, I shouldn't have been surprised - WHAT - A - JERK!!!

He got away lightly, I hope he does get done (arrested not killed) people like him are walking time-bombs and shouldn't be allowed near four wheels, or even human beings for that matter.

How nice for you though, you won't have to put up with his crap anymore. There is a God!!

Cathy said...

Wil, your pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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