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Sunday, September 10, 2006



Sometimes I wonder how people that are smart enough to earn an income that lets them stay at The Grand, can be so dumb. Had an urgent run from The Grand to OGG, early in the shift. Needed to transport a piece of luggage that had been left behind. The bellhop had collected their luggage from the room. When it was loaded in their vehicle he counted the bags for them to confirm they were all present and accounted for. The dolts get to the airport and, goodness gracious, they were one bag short. Obviously the bellhops fault. NOT! They called the hotel and the bag was still in the room, on the farside of the bed.

Made the pickup and boggied for the airport. These folks called the front desk multiple times, tracking my progress. They called valet multiple times. They called us multiple times and they called me three times. The normal trip to OGG from The Grand is about 35 minutes, if traffic is light. Some of the trip is on a narrow two-lane road, where you are at the mercy of the traffic.

Their flight would stop acceptting luggage at 8:15pm. The people were panicing. I made the journey in 22 minutes, dropping the bag at 8:08pm. The hotel paid for the run, billed to guest services.

After bar close I was doing the normal "mop up". All the other drivers had left and, about 2:38am, The Grand called. One of their dumbass guests had attended a wedding party at the Hyatt, in Ka'anapali. He was complaining that he couldn't get a cab to bring him back. I told the pbx operator that there were three different 24/7 cab companies in that area and they should call one of them, since it would be a hour before I could get there. She placed me on hold. She came back on the line and said the man, and his two companions, would meet me at the Hyatt's front desk at 4:00am.

I cleared the two local runs that I was already committed to and then high-tailed it for the Hyatt. Arrived there at 3:32am, told the valet who I was picking up. He gave me the strangest look. "They hopped into a taxi about 2:50am and went to the Grand Wailea already."

I was pissed. I hadn't wanted the run in the first place and now I was going to get burnt by this asshole. I called The Grand and told the pbx operator what had happened. I wanted to know if he had called to cancel me. He hadn't. She told me that I should handle it like the hotel does short notice cancellations and no-shows. Charge the S.O.B. for the service anyway. Classic idea.

He will be billed for my trip and he had to pay the other cab also.

Being inconsiderate can be costly, but he probably won't even notice the charge amongst everything else that is charged against his room.

It's the end of my week.

Talk to y'all later.


Big Island

Big Beach, Makena

Wonderful Colors

Evening Sail

"Let's all be careful out there!"


Barry said...

As always great pics - and yeah the guy deserves to be charged - he called you out there, and didn't bother to cancel.

jo said...

Hi Wil

Maybe the idiots inherited their money from their 'Mommies and Daddies'!! Your don't have to be clever to inherit wealth, so that probably accounts for their stupidity.

Oh, that made me feel so much better!!

Lovely pictures again. Jo xx

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