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Thursday, September 07, 2006



Actually had a pretty good night. Drove 151 miles, of which 56 were on the meter. Only had one pickup from Wailea the entire shift. Thats extremely rare.

The last, longest and most interesting run of the night took me from the "Triangle" to Pa'ia town, on the Road To Hana, at 4:30am. A nice, congenial drunk. He was at that best part of "just feeling the mood". He is a recent transplant from the mainland, arrived August 1st, and his girlfriend is off island for a couple of days and he is just partying during her absence. A talkative drunk and easily understandable. The kind of drunk everyone thinks they are, when they're not.

Right at the beginning of the trip, I heard the pop-top on a canned beverage being "popped" in the back seat. "Is that a beer, sir?"

"No. Just a Coke."

While I really don't allow any open beverages in the vehicle, he seemed under control and I decided to let it slide, since it wasn't alcohol.

"I'm sorry. I lied to you. It is a beer. Pull over and I'll pour it out."

"Mister," I said as I pulled to the curb, "you are one of the most honest persons I have met in a long time. Its a pleasure having you in my cab."

Other than the occassional, "yes", "I see" and _"Uh-Huh", I never uttered another word the rest of the trip.


During my "day" these were the targets we used for training.

The "Kill Zone" on the top target is the highlighted line that is outside of the circular, 5-X, bullseye.

On the lower one, it is everything within ring #8. This is the one with the "X-Ring" that that Swedish Palace guard just "nicked" instead of putting the round through the dead center..

I was never a truly competative shooter, but I did win a few trophies.
That sort of thing.
Haven't owned or touch a firearm since I moved to Mau'i.


photographs courtesy Tudor Hulubei

"Let's all be careful out there!"

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Cynthia Fye said...

I love your blog. I forget how I found it. Where do you get your pictures? They make my day. I have been on Maui many times but my fiend died from Alzeimers so I don't travel as much now. Lot's of wonderful memories which is why I enjoy the photos so much. Oh,now I remember, I found you thru New York Hack. I am currently obsessed with blogs. What a great way to communicate. They fulfill my voyueristic needs. Later CC

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