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Tuesday, August 08, 2006



Some beautiful orchids

This is Haleakala road
About 1/3 of the way to the summit
About 2/3s up the mountain
Just below the afternoon cloud
Dr. Quack
I wonder what its song is like?
Green sea turtle, native to the island
Their habitats are Federal sanctuaries
Some waterfalls

La Peruse Bay

Charlie Young Beach, in Kihei
The islet of Molokini

Sunsets are beautiful worldwide
These two are of San Francisco, California, USA


Its one of those things that you see but don't notice. No taxicab in the State of Hawai'i have a roof mounted sign for advertisement. Nor do any of the public buses have advertisements on their sides. Many years ago, the State of Hawai'i passed a statute banning all billboards from roadsides. A provision of this law also disallowed any advertisement on any public or private conveyance. Exceptions were vehicles owned by a business, signed to promote said business.

This may be a good thing, actually. Since most cabs on the islands are some form of a van and noting that many pick-up and destination locations involve entering structures with "low" vehicle height restrictions. Also having witnessed many different drivers, very few of which would qualify as reasonably intelligent, forget that their tailgates were still open when entering such structures (removes that thing right at the hinges. Ouch!). Taking all that into consideration, those signs probably wouldn't be too cost effective.


Took Judy, David and David's 16yo son, Russell, to dinner. We had a great time celebrating. Midnight has passed here, so it is now David's 46th birthday. Born on the mainland, he's lived most of his life on Mau'i.

My meal was a great. Chopped salad with chunks of bleu cheese. A jacketed (baked) potato, with "the works". Crowned rack-of-lamb. Two small lobster tails and a fistfull of jumbo shrimp (that has to be an oxymoron). Turns out that Russell had never tasted lobster before, so I immediately donated one of mine to further his education in the nicer aspects of "life". He really, really liked it. I may have created a monster. LOL!

Have a good night, and a better tomorrow.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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CharterJames said...

I wish roof ads were banned on NY cabs. Driving around with that thing on the roof has always felt degrading to me.

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