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Monday, July 17, 2006



Alex, I am sorry if you thought I was portraying the story as true. I thought everyone would recognize a parody when they read it. I guess I was wrong.


Have you thought about using a RSS reader? I use BlogLines. I can get a quick read and it also feeds the pics on the posts, and you don't have to load the entire blog unless you want to.


Humpback Whale season is from December until June. Some have been spotted in late November. If they aren't stopped by the DHS for customs and border inspection, then the waters are full by December 15th.

Here are some pics for you:


Tell "your cop" to keep his eyes open. Might snag one for transporting drugs. I am sure that Virginia has that law that lets the police "arrest" the vehicle for transportation of narcotics. The vehicle, after conviction, usually reverts back to the arresting agency. I liked that law.


I just flick them out of the way now. But that was my first encounter and I had no knowledge of what I was dealing with. When in doubt, call in an "air-strike".


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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Dogbait said...

You previously mentioned you pitied people who had to read your blog with dial-up. %##*@!**^%!!

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