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Tuesday, July 04, 2006



I am glad that I don't work in his part of town.


I found a cab-blog from Las Vegas, NV, USA but didn't add it to my links. No posts for over a year. Sad.

Anyway, above is a pamphlet from that site. Instructions from the local government agency that regulates cabs in "Lost Wages" on how to maximize "tips".


I've added two new additions on the sidebar.

NIGHT CABBIE is from a lady cabbie out of Portland, OR, USA.

Also from Portland is A CRAB DIE, a young (26 year old) cabbie.

Both have very enjoyable writing styles.

Check'em out!


Since we have a very strong asian influence on daily life on Mau'i, we also have some of the wildest fireworks events (non-sanctioned) anywhere in America.

A few years ago some new legislation was enacted limiting the amount of fireworks that a person could purchase. A $25 permit was required to purchase anything. This has slightly, very slightly, limited the amount of activity on both the "Fourth" and on New Years Eve.

On the "Fourth" it is only legal to discharge fireworks from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.

Okay, thats the law but this is what really happens.

The show starts just about sunset and will go until at least midnight.


Roman Candles.

Thousand upon thousands of 100,000-plus strings of firecrackers.

Plus all the assorted "Safe & Sane" products available from the supermarkets and non-profit organization roadside stands.

I have been in a few "fire-fight" zones in my life and none of them were as loud or as long as the wide spread and constant activity here. And as the night wears on, it does become a "combat zone", of sorts. Drunk teens and even drunker adults, think it is the height of hilarity to shoot their bottle rockets at passing vehicles.

Last year I made a drop on one of the "financially stressed" cul-de-sacs and, before I could clear the area, was attacked by at least 30 different bottle rockets and roman candles. The damn things impacting on ONE-NINE and bouncing off.


Also, trying to negotiate the residential areas is difficult since everyone puts their "fountains" and "screaming mimis" in the middle of the road and you have to wait until they've extinquished before proceeding. Having your cab catch on fire can really ruin your shift.

Are all these pyrotechnic devices legal? Of course not, but they are as easily purchased as "ice" or "crack".

If the air is still, then the smoke will linger for hours and the visibility is like being in a San Francisco fog.

Typically the night is pretty active but since this year a work day follows and it just might die off like a normal weekday night.

Oh and the "fourth" is a night that many people place their entry for at least an honorable mention by the Darwin Awards.

The "Fourth" is a cakewalk compared to New Years Eve. About 10 times worse and it goes ALL NIGHT LONG.

Wish me luck!


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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Dogbait said...

All fireworks are banned here. When were in Arizona, we saw a huge mega store just devoted to fireworks. Amazing.

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