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Friday, June 02, 2006



It was a warm night yesterday and I was "hot". Every good run seemed to come my way. Right out of the starting block I had a long round-trip to the ABC Store in Kihei. Followed this with a long dinner run from Wailea to Kihei.

Then four young lasses from Ireland going to a hostel in Wailuku, followed by the return run for the people I had taken to dinner.

Just kept hopping until midnight.

At 12:04am, TMR Alex, last night's driver/dispatcher, announced over the radio, "Its 'payday' guys. Head to the airport."

Departing flight Continental #136 had been cancelled. I took one fare from the airport to Wailea. My second fare from OGG was to the West Side! Papakea to be exact. BIG $$$$!!

Finally got back to Kihei about 3:00am and the other three drivers were just finishing off the last of their trips.

Did a regular pu-pu run at 4:15am and was surprised when both of the dayshift drivers checked in. "Murph" at 4:17am and Flor at 4:19am. I was home by 5:00am.

I was so bushed that I fixed my dinner and fell asleep for 10 hours.

No one was receptive to having their pic taken but I did get a closeup of the interior of one of La Bella's new Scion cabs.

It can only hold 4 passengers, without luggage, or three passengers with a moderate amount of luggage. The left rear seat folds flat. If they have a lot of luggage, then the right rear side can also be folded but then you can only carry one passenger.

Using a vehicle as small as a Scion means having to accept a lot of trade-offs. I am not positive that this is practical on Mau'i. I can see where it would be a great cab in larger metro areas.

Well, its Friday night. My turn with the phone. Lets hope this night is as good as Thursday.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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