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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Dctaxistories said...
I can tell you still love your ex, Will.
Yes, I do. But we mix as well as oil and water. We are friends and talk/e-mail every couple of months. She keeps me up-to-date with what is happening with the grandkids. A very nice lady.

Oh, its WIL not WILL. I got the "L" kicked out of me a long time ago.

Tropical Screamer said...
A deer. Right.

(How come you have the Friend Finder popping up from your site. Ick.) :)

If you are getting "pop-ups", its not from anything that I have done. Either Blogger/Blogspot is adding it or you have some "spyware" in your browser. I have one piece of spyware embedded in my MSIE browser called "WinFixer 2005" that nothing short of dumping all my files and starting from scratch will clear. When I switched to Firefox, I was never plagued again. Also, MSIE (every build) doesn't always display blogs correctly. It drops the sidebar down to the bottom of the posts. It does this on my blog and some others I have seen.

If you change to Firefox for your browser, this will usually stop. Its free, its better and its like switching from a Ford Pinto to a Lincoln Towncar in its quality. Also download and run Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy and run them on a daily basis to keep your system clean. You might also check your firewall settings to see where it is getting in at.

Cheffe said...
Hotels there are not really cheap if this is a good offer - I think I'll have to stick with the "Chinese Hawaii" - Hainan island.
The major hotels start at about $600-$800 a night and top out at $12,500 a night. So $119 is VERY cheap.

Renting a condo for $300 to $500 a week is a better deal and you won't be paying $12.75 for a "room-service" PB&J sandwich. Tuna salad sandwich goes for $17.95 and a cheeseburger will set you back about $30. And that doesn't include anything else. In the hotels, beer is about $6 a bottle.

Dogbait said...
I like it! Can you find some for us guys?

I saw one image once for a recliner chair that was equipped with a "potty", microwave, refridgerator, telephone, massage, surround-sound speakers and a universal remote inlaid in the armrest. For the ultimate "couch potato".


"Let's all be careful out there!"


june in florida said...

Had that Winfix on my last computer but Florida power and light got rid of them when they creamed my power supply with low power.Now when i leave the computer gets disconnected from phone line and power ( Florida is the lightening capitol). Wil was that right on the condo rental fee? seems very cheap for a week.I also use Firefox and have free downloads for adaware and virus protection from "Kim Komando"

Mad Cabbie said...

You are an intersting man, Wil and I am glad you're in good terms with your ex.

Cheffe said...

Thanks - good to know. We normally don't make it to breakfast anyway. I prefer to sleep and wait for lunch. :-)
Seems I will be in the states at the end of July and maybe I can make a little island hop. Sadly I will have to go alone because of the visa policy.

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