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Thursday, June 22, 2006



Thats what cabbies really hate.

Well, last night was not boring. Only one quasi-interesting event but we stayed active until 2:00am. Then it died.
First run of the night was dispatched to me less than a minute after I logged in. Picked up a government employee from the middle of Kihei and took a roundtrip to Wailuku. The employee had shared a ride to and from work and had left the house and car keys at work, on the desk Wailuku is the county seat of Mau'i and is where all County, State and Federal offices are located.

Gave me $70.00 on a $69.20. Lets face it, they are more conservative with their own money than they are with ours.

The 9-story County office building:

Felt like one o' dem dere big city slicker cabbies when I got back to town. Picked up a "flag" at Hapa's which took me south to the "Triangle". Where I instantly got another flag going south to Moose McGilacuddy's. Where I snagged another "flag" back to Hapa's. Instantly had three folks hop in wanting to go to their condo, about 1 mile south of "Moose's". When they saw "Moose's" we had to turn around.

The radio went into "lull" mode (no calls). and I took advantage of rest to make a needed stop at Foodland. I got back into my cab and a young Japanese lady asked for a ride to Kahului.

Stayed steady all night with bar runs.

At 2:00am the phone quit ringing. Handled two "regular" runs and closed the shift with a GW-KBR pu-pu.


While making a drop at Hapa's, their bouncers tried to shove a middle-aged, drunk, "ice-head" woman into the cab. I stopped them and said that I would need the money up front and an EXACT address for the destination. After a minute she never could give a straight answer regarding her address and I wished the bouncers "good luck" and beat-feet out of there. Hapa's did call a bit later and every driver, save Crazy Brian, declined the call. After he drove the 4 miles to Hapa's she was, of course, gone.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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Seth said...

I guess I would expect that kind of compassion from a former pig.

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