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Wednesday, May 03, 2006



The most beautiful building on the southside.


It was shitty.

Only 5 runs by midnight and four more during the early solo hours.

The 9th and final run was a shiftsaver. The owner had forgotten to tell me about a 0430 hrs run to OGG and they called about 0440 hrs inquiring as to the cab. I was less than five minutes away and spirited these two Japanese ladies to Aloha Airlines.

I think they were mom & daughter but their english was limited and my japanese is limited to "good morning", "thank you" and about 10 others that usually get my face slapped.
It was still dark when I picked them up but dawn was breaking as I left OGG.

The West Mau'i Mountains wore a wreath of clouds.

Handled the affairs of the shift change, started home and saw this:

The island of Lana'i.

We've had so much VOG (volcanic smog) lately that it has been impossible to see Lana'i, even though it is only about 15 miles from Kihei.

Drove down to the beach and parked between the Mana Kai Mau'i

(that white "Crown Vic" is mine)

and the Kihei Surfside.

Walked down to the beach

and started taking pics.


West Mau'i Mountains backing Ma'a'laea Bay.

A dive boat departing from the Kihei Boat Ramp, headed to Molokini


Makena and Kaho'o'lawe

Keawakapu Beach
That single story building on the left is Sarento's On The Beach.

"Red Hill (Makena), Molokini (foreground), Kaho'o'lawe (background)


The batteries in my camera died and I headed home.

Managed to eke out two more shots. This is my street.

Came inside and called it a "night".


"Let's all be careful out there!"


june in florida said...

Wil you outdid yourself today with pictures, awesome!How long have you been in the islands? You do the names so well, a lot seem almost the safe...June

Gnightgirl said...

Time for me to get a map. At least my geography will improve as a result of my blog-reading, yes? I worked in the fields in Molokai for a month several years ago; I was amazed at how few "luxuries" existed there...and I LOVED it.

I'll be back with my atlas.

Mad Cabbie said...

Wil, that was some awsome pics. You lucky son of a gun, you are living large bro. One of these days I am going to start snapping pics of Washington DC and I will show you my hood, when you buy a house it comes with couple of bullet proof vests.AK 47s optional!

Tropical Screamer said...

A fellow Kihei blogger here just saying, "Aloha, Neighbor."

Your blog is great.


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