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Sunday, May 28, 2006



After Thursday night's requiem with Mother Nature, Father Time dropped by today to remind me I am no longer a kid.

Rest is what the corpus required and that is what it got.

Oh, well. There is always next week.

There is always a next week.


Courtesy of Terry's Tours Of Mau'i

Sailing along the "West Side"


O'heo Gulch

Kihei from 4,000' (1 km)

Wailea Beach

Unknown Wailea restaurant

North shore of Moloka'i.
Seen in every "Jurassic Park" movie.

West Mau'i Mountains

Terry is an associate of mine, who is also a licensed minister.

If you want a high quality, reasonably priced, Mau'i wedding, just contact him through his website, Angelic Aloha Weddings.

He can beat any hotel's wedding package by price, quality and service.

Check it out!


When I am bored I like to play with various "gizmos" on the web.

My latest toy is the Custom Sign Generator

If any of these offend you, live with it.
I prefer to think that at least one will give you a smirk.


Even though you are using Anonymouse, it still shows as a hit from Shanghai, China with a German URL.

Thats kewl!

And its free, too!

Anyone else wanting to be an anonymous webrider should give it a try.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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june in florida said...

Wil that china blog was great i have bookmarked him. Blogs are great, info from all over the world.I did not see any comments though and i wonder if he can receive them. The bit on the end about Mrs. Arrafat has got to be one of those scams. What goes into figuring how much a blog is worth because they definately under estimated the worth of yours.

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