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Wednesday, April 12, 2006



When you enter the Grand Wailea you are greeted by some beautiful sculpture.

Just past the foyer there are two displays of native Hawai'ian dancers.

Three lifesize kanes (men) are on your left.

Three lifesize wahines (women) are on your right.

Just a few steps further and you are greated by the grandeur.

A mermaid awaits your beckon, while the Botero Bar behind her is ready to serve you whatever exotic drink imaginable.

Then you glance skyward to embrace the splendor.


Remember when you were in your 1st and second year of school?

Remember drawing and painting different scenes and images about your life?

Remember what the cars you drew looked like?

I bet it kind of resembled this:

It is a Scion xB


All night long the Moon danced with the clouds.


At "bar close" (2:00am), I had a total of 3 runs. Thats pretty sad. The other drivers hadn't done any better and went home to "lick their wounds".

I managed to eek out three more runs during my solo hours of the night.

The most interesting, and most $$$ (this run doubled what I had on the meter for the night) was the result of a head-on traffic collision.

My passengers were the four people riding in this pickup truck.

The drunk driver of this vehicle crossed the center line of the road.

Thankfully, no one involved was seriously injured.
I took the victims home to Lahaina, about 25 miles away. The police made other arrangements for the drunk.

And wouldn't you know it. The phone rang three times within 5 minutes after I had started this run. Other people wanting a cab. Since I am the only cab in south Mau'i after 2:00am, they were S.O.L.

Ended the shift with 6 trips. The "take home" was actually decent.

They sort of play out Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicals.


"Let's all be%

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Joann said...

I can sit around and not one call, but as soon as one of my personals needs a ride the taxi computer will try to give me one.

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