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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Some are difficult (why-mah-high-high)

Some just roll off of your tongue (key-hay & kay-oh-nee-kai)

Some don't (kah-lie Wah-ah)

Most fall in the middle (koo-lah-nee hah-coy)

When some tourist wants to be picked up at the "hey-kah-high", you have to find out if they mean the KIHEI AKAHI (ah-kah-he)

Or the WAILEA EKAHI (eh-kah-he)
BTW - EKAHI is Hawai'ian for "one" (1)

ELUA (eh-lou-ah) is "two" (2)

And EKOLU (eh-koh-lou) is "three" (3)



I really don't like these "strobe" emergency lights. The flash is very effective when they are in your direct "line of sight" but that flash does not reflect well off the surrounding buildings or ground. The officer has had his "ring of protection" truncated around curves and other areas of limited visibility. The rotating emergency lights were so much better. Also, these "strobe" lights cause your pupils to constrict to pinpoints, destroying your night vision.

Thats my "two cent" opinion.


12 hours = 10 runs.

Earned enough to buy my cat, "Bear", some kitty food and me a couple of packs of cancer sticks.

I've had worse nights.



Wil =8^))
"Let's all be carefull out there!"

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june in florida said...

well never mind, lol. i was going to come and hack in your backyard but i guess i better take a language course first. used to drive in hyannis ma. keep up the great blog.

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