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Monday, March 06, 2006



A rugged cowboy from Brokeback Mountain, Wyoming, goes into the doctor's office and has some tests run.

The doctor comes back and says, "I am not going to beat around the bush, You have AIDS."

The cowboy tugs at his Stetson and sets his jaw and says, "Doc, what can I do?"

The doctor says,

"I want you to go home and eat

5 pounds of spicy sausage,

a head of cabbage,

20 un-peeled carrots drenched in hot sauce,

10 Jalapeno peppers,

40 walnuts and 40 peanuts,

1/2 box of Grapenuts cereal,

and top it off with a gallon of prune juice."

The cowboy squares his rugged shoulders and asks, "Will that cure me, Doc?"

"No, but it should leave you with a better understanding of what your ass is for."



"Let's all be careful out there!"


Dogbait said...

Then they'll make a movie called "The Ring of Fire"

John said...

And here I was begining to like your blog, then you go and post some total asshole unfunny bullshit like this. Somebody who spent 20+ years in SFO should know better -- on so many levels. I guess the diversity training didn't take in your case.

What would be really funny is if your place of business got flooded with calls about this little bit of bigotry. It's not like you haven't told us all who you work for. And it's not like the calls would only come to the taxi co., I'm sure plenty of Hilton frequent guests would have a thing or two to say to them given your employer's relationship with The Grand. You're lucky you're still a small time blog and can do a mea culpa before the "Really Big Gay Blogs" find you and bring it on. You do not want to mess with a bunch of pissed off queens who just got jilted at the Oscars.

So much for the Aloha spirit. (Prove me wrong, please.)

Bob said...

Whooa John just remember that Wil like myself and dogbait(the other comment) are in our fifties and from an age when things like political correctness don't come natural.It's a strange concept to us I know myself I have to think twice before posting some stuff let's not get into a load of strife.

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