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Monday, February 20, 2006

Another "Blast From The Past"

MAY 17, 2005

About 3:30AM I received a call from the Grand Wailea that a sick infant and her parents needed to get to the hospital ER. I picked them up at 3:34AM.

The baby was in obvious respiratory distress (asthma?).

The trip is normally 35 minutes but since it was late and the roadway was empty I was rolling about 20MPH over the limit. (60 in a 40)

Right after we left Kihei, the baby stopped breathing.

I gave the parents shouted instructions on infant mouth-to-mouth.

I called 9-1-1 and advised them what I had.

I activated my 4-way flashers and floored it. Doing between 100 and 110 mph. Nice to have had a lot of training in this area.

Baby started breathing again within one minute.

About 1 minute out from the ER, the baby quit breathing again.

Entered the ER waiting room screaming "CODE BLUE!"

Immediate response from everyone.

Baby is fine now.

Made the 35 minute trip in 19 minutes.

Dad gave me $200 and a quick "thanks".

Had "the shakes" the rest of my shift.


Madley said...

Hi there, got here from Taxi Vignettes :) What a wise and calm driver you are! That family is so lucky to have gotten you... and yes, I would have been shaking afterwards too.

Best regards...

Joann said...

Guardian Angel or taxi driver? They got both.

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